The Raw Project (presented by Wynwood Project). Wynwood, Miami, Florida. Kevin Ledo.

RAW began in 2014 and brought together a coalition of non-profits, organizations, artists, and administration to bring color and inspiration on Wynwood’s Jose De Diego middle school’s concrete walls and a school suffering a drought in budget for creativity.

During Art Basel 2016, Wynwood’s Eneida M. Hartner elementary school opens its doors for a carefully selected group artists to beautify its walls and encourage art education throughout the community. RAW teams up with European art project Stick Together to help broaden an international team of talent to maintain its already sterling level of skill.” (

Kevin Ledo.




Muse and Story:


Kevin Ledo had something very interesting to say about the image he used for the piece: “A confession / awesome tale: @misschiefrocka is the woman I had painted in at the Eneida M Hartner Elementary School in Miami for the #therawproject.

I had taken the reference image of her from an an online article about Standing Rock’s battle against the North Dakota Pipeline. I really went about using the image in a backwards fashion; I was pressed for time, and so passionate about Standing Rock’s efforts and the way the imagery came together to convey my message, that I failed to contact her until l completed the mural (before posting anything online.)

That means I didn’t ask permission from her to use her image, which is not cool. Upon reaching out to her to tell her I used her face, I apologized and we discussed about how I messed up, and made it good the best we could.

While the end result was a good thing, I just went about it the wrong way. It was only then in reaching out to her that I found that she tours and dances with @atribecalledred , a killer electronic group that love and I was actually listening to while painting the mural!

I found out that she is an inspiring and talented dancer, and when @atribecalledred came to Montreal just a few days ago, @misschiefrocka invited me to the show and backstage we got to meet for the first time!! I realize that sometimes good intentions are not always good enough and that communication is always the way to go. Thank you @misschiefrocka you are truly an inspiration to so many!”

Thank you Kevin Ledo for doing the right thing!

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