Stuart Sale. Sydney (Marrickville, NSW), Australia. Stencil Artist.

Stuart Sale, also known as Sale Art, works out of Marrickville,  NSW, Australia. Marrickville “is  is a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney 7 kilometres (4 miles) south-west of the Sydney central business district” (,_New_South_Wales)

Sale is both a street artist and a fine artist (does shows).

“The Last Dancer” Finalist. Stencil Art Prize. 2016. Sydney, Australia.


According to the Sale Art post on StencilArtPrize Instagram, Sale says of the piece:

“My work is a piece based on a paste-up i placed on a closed down pub in Darlinghurst, Sydney in protest to the lock out laws. i titled it the ‘Last Dancer in Darlinghurst’. (

I Googled and found: ” The Sydney lockout laws legislate for 1.30am lockouts and 3am last drinks at bars, pubs and clubs in the Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct. The precinct, defined in regulations, is bounded by Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, Cockle Bay, The Rocks and Haymarket.

The laws were introduced by the New South Wales Government in February 2014 with the objective to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence. While data shows that alcohol-related violence has decreased, concerns have been raised about the impact of the law on Sydney’s nighttime economy.”(

Original “Last Dancer”


“Cadbury Creme Egg” 2016. Sydney, Australia.


“Don’t let me watch the news tomorrow.” 2015. Sydney Australia.

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2015. Sydney, Australia.


Sale Art Facebook:

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Sale Art Instagram:

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