Banksy’s Back to School Surprise

banksy back to school

School children in England get excited about their new artwork by Banksy
School children in England get excited about their new artwork by Banksy

Some English schoolchildren arrived back at their classroom today (6th June) to find a Banksy masterpiece painted on the side of their building.

The infamous street artist painted a wall of Bridge Farm Primary School, near Bristol, to thank it for honouring him.

The mural which is becoming known as “Back to School”  is of a stick-man drawing of a child rolling a burning tyre. It was made after a seven-year-old pupil won his suggestion of naming a school house Banksy.

Banksy left a letter addressed to the ‘caretaker’ and pinned it next to his artwork

A note was left pinned to the wall next to the artwork addressed to the ‘Caretaker’. He also invited the kids  to add stuff of their own if they didn’t like it. “Remember – it’s alway easier to get forgiveness than permission” he advised.

The Head also received a telephone call to confirm that it was genuine.

The school is getting the artwork covered with perspex to stop other graffiti artists destroying it.

‘Defacing’ walls with art and graffiti in England, is regarded as a criminal offence unless you have permission. Hence most of Banky’s work is carried out undercover at night and super-fast; usually spraying pre-made stencils.

Many thanks to Frankie Bean for inviting me as guest bloggerSouthampton Old Lady – author of Snips & Snaps

and Art So Provident


10 thoughts on “Banksy’s Back to School Surprise”

  1. Given our mad dash up the east coast of Australia, I am WAY behind on blogging. But Frankie Beane said that you had written a guest post, so I wanted to check it out. What can I say…I love this story. How cool is Banksy. Very.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is not too much street art in Southampton, so I just have to pick up on what’s happening in London and Bristol. Frankie’s site is so wonderful as he knows more about what’s happening in my own country street art wise than I do. I love your bog Lisa with its combination of sailing and street art.


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