Eastland Urban Art Project. Melbourne, Australia. 9 Female Australian Artists. #8 Lucy Lucy #9 Shannon Crees.

This project took place over a six month period in an area called Ringwood which is on the outskirts  of Melbourne. The purpose of the project was to beautify the Eastland development which has recently undergone renovation.

The artists are nine women who are from Australia. Some are not currently based in Australia but they are originally from Australia.

The project was curated by Dean Sunshine.

Lucy Lucy (Melbourne, Australia):

LucyLucy is originally from Paris, France but now living in Melbourne, Australia. Her name came about because of a mistake. She was in a group show and at that time she was signing as Lucy. By mistake somone double her names and she was listed as Lucy Lucy. She liked it and has signed that way ever since.

She is part of the AWOL crew outta Melbourne, Australia. When she first moved to Melbourne she lived in a house with Li-Hill (a member of AWOL). He introduced her to the rest of the crew. The AWOL crew were the ones to introduce her to graffiti. Or as she said: “Those punks were the first to put a can in my hands! Not long after I naturally became a member just painting and drawing with them all the time.” (http://www.zuccablogzine.com/LUCY-LUCY)

Website: https://lucylucy.carbonmade.com/projects/3056284

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucylucyone/?hl=en

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Good interview with LucyLucy: http://www.zuccablogzine.com/LUCY-LUCY

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Shannon Crees (Sydney, Australia):

Sharon is currently based out of Sydney, Australia. She has bad han writing and grew up in a hippie commune. She didn’t start with graffiti but kinda fell into it.

Good interview with Sharon Crees: http://www.t-squat.com/shannon-crees-interview/

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Website: http://www.shannoncrees.com/

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shannon-Crees-237437126306027/?ref=hl

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Idea and information for this post came from this article: http://www.streetartnews.net/2016/05/eastland-urban-art-project-in-melbourne.html

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