Call For Mural Painters. Urban Art Walls. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

City of Hobart Public Art Commission

Urban Art Walls 2016

The latest public art project for the City of Hobart, Urban Art Walls aims to deter illegal graffiti through creative activation and provides an opportunity for creative practitioners at highly-visible sites. The project consists of four opportunities within Hobart’s CBD, with the City looking to engage four separate artists (or creative teams) to create an artwork for each of the four sites.

The project will contribute to the ever-changing face of Hobart by providing a new layer of contemporary artworks. The works will raise the bar for urban art in Hobart and will be vibrant, engaging and dynamic.

Using the city as canvas, the City of Hobart is aiming to make high-quality urban art a celebrated part of the city’s landscape.

Commission Value: A total of $24,000 has been allocated to this project representing a $6,000 commission per location.

Expressions of Interest Close at midnight Wednesday 25 May 2016 (

2015: Criterion St, Behind the Apple Shop, Hobart CBD – Stuie:



For those of you who like to click, click here.

10 thoughts on “Call For Mural Painters. Urban Art Walls. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.”

    1. More and more cities are doing it. I think they usually look at your portfolio. But you are right they are usually looking for more “trained” people. Some of the big names are self-taught but they really are the exception.

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      1. It does. Scooj just commented that it is gentrification of street art and I think he is right. Hobart seems to make money from tourists and they don’t have much good street art (I looked at a Facebook page on street art in Hobart) . They are trying to keep the place acceptable for tourists and residents and rather than constantly buffing this is what they are trying.


  1. Artistic gentrification. I am so conflicted over things like this. I don’t know is there is any real answer to the graffiti tagging issue and I guess each City has to try and find its own path.

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  2. I think quite a few of the paintings we see are official – they showcase talent but not necessarily edge. Some of them are fantastic of course.
    I don’t know what brings about edge – I’m not edgy – but I don’t think this way will do it.

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