Enzo Sarto. USA. Wheatpaster.

Enzo Sarto was born in a small village outside of Rome.His family  emigrated to the US,so he grew up in the US.

2015: That door near Portuguese Park in Montreal, Canada:


2015: on St-Dominique, Montreal, Canada:


2105: Unknown Location:


2105: Montreal, Canada:


Thank you (@iloveguaya) for the fun image!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/enzo_sarto/

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnzoSartoStreetArt?_rdr=p

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Website: http://enzosarto.com/

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10 thoughts on “Enzo Sarto. USA. Wheatpaster.”

  1. I find these a refreshing and new form of street art -wheatpasting like “brandalism” allows an artist to do most of the work at home and post quickly for places that do not allow street art. I must admit I am a bit confused about Enszo Sarto’s message. I thought I got the young girls as terrorist but with the “sluts” pull down peep hole – perhaps its my age – it threw me.

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