Project Monsoon. Seoul, South Korea.

When ever I hear or see the word “project” I am immediately interested. Projects sound big and important. Sometimes I get let down and sometimes not.

So, I originally read about this on:  www.  I think it is a learning website for kids. I did some further looking and found more info.

Three up and coming artists at the Art Institute of Chicago: Seunghoon Shin,  Yoonshin Kim and Nu Ri Kim (who happen to be from Korea) got together with Pantone paints to create hydrochromic paints–paints that remain opaque until hit by water–rain!

Apparently in Seoul when the monsoon season hits no one goes outside and the whole city seems grey–I can relate to that. The students wanted to change that. And did so by painting the streets with the hydrochromic paint so it would be bright and colorful on those gloomy monsoon days.

The students received two prizes for their work; both for up and coming artists (D&AD New Blood, and Yellow and Black Pencil Awards.) I have shamelessly taken these images from the D&AD Pantone New Blood gallery: If you prefer you can go directly there to look at these images.





6 thoughts on “Project Monsoon. Seoul, South Korea.

  1. There are a lot of things that can be done with paints that change colour or that are resistant to water. Messages can appear in the street when it rains…there is a lot of work going on with this for creative/advertising/safety etc reasons.

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    1. It was the first I had heard of this type of paint. My immediate thought was: Are there toxic things being released into the water. The water will go into the sewage and onto the drinking . water. Water is a big deal in California and South Florida–there are always shortages.
      Still very pretty and a nice suprise.

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