Buff Diss: Tape Street Artist from (Oz) Melbourne /Berlin/Melbourne

There is not much personal information on the web about Buff Diss. He was studying computer science and hated it. Tape was his escape.

Buff Diss was in Berlin until recently. However, in an interview with Central Magazine, he talked about his return to Melbourne. He has set up his studio in St Kilda, Melbourne which is where he grew up.

I am really curious about the type of tape he uses. He started using tape as a medium in 2005. Here is an image of the tape he used for Converse’s project in Hong Kong: Wall to Wall. The image is by Jonathan Leijonhufvud for Dazed magazine. I guess I am not the only one who is curious.


Now on to some images. Buff Diss is prolific so there are many images to choose from. I want start with some images from his Melbourne street days…




This image is from Taipei, Taiwan. According to Buff Diss’ Flikrstream it is entitled: Train to Nangang.


This image is  Drowning Bordeaux. No date given.


Berliner Papal Pardon. No date given.



First Strand. No date given.


Bird (My title). I think it was used an advertisement for a wood place in Australia. But who doesn’t like a bird.


Here is the address for his blog:

http://buffdiss.com/ Just a small warning: it is hard to navigate.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BuffDiss

For those of you who like to click, click here.

His FB is easier to navigate and has some interesting stuff.

Check it out. See what you think.



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